Scottsdale Rotary Clubs Honor Student Leaders
The Rotary Club of Scottsdale and Airpark Rotary Clubs annually collaborate to hold Scottsdale Youth Salute to applaud the positive accomplishments of local young men and women.  Youth Salute recognizes outstanding high school seniors and involves them in seminars and workshops specifically designed to further develop their already formidable leadership skills.  Nominations for Scottsdale's Youth Salute candidates are requested during a student's junior year. Students are nominated not only on grades, but also on leadership in school activities, religious organizations, or activities in their community.
Each student is asked to complete an application and answer three out of four essay questions. The two Rotary Clubs review the essays; interview each student; and then select twelve students to compete on award night by answering an "on the spot question."  Of the twelve selected students, four students are selected to attend  "Town Meeting on Tomorrow" to be held mid-October 2015 in St. Louis. Youth leaders with diverse backgrounds from across the nation gather in St. Louis at Washington University to participate in the Youth Salute Programs, sponsored by the National Council on Youth Leadership. “Town Meeting on Tomorrow” inspires youth to service, excellence and outstanding performance by reinforcing active leadership as the key to meeting tomorrow's needs.
This year the Rotary Clubs received 26 Youth Salute leadership nominations from six Scottsdale high schools. At the Youth Salute Award ceremonies held March 25th, at Scottsdale Community College, Mike Savastio, Youth Salute Co-Chair/Rotary Club of Scottsdale member, announced the names of the all the nominated students.  Coach John Avianantos spoke to the all the nominated students and their parents and guests. Coach John is a nationally renown speaker and Scottsdale Community College athletic director and head football coach. Coach John's talk was fun, fast paced and loaded with cutting edge concepts that the students could apply immediately to make a lasting effect his/her self image and confidence.
As part of the Award Night program activities, Youth Salute Program Co-Chair/Rotary Club of Scottsdale member, Mary Blank, presented award certificates to the 26 Youth Salute nominees and announced the four 2015 Scottsdale Youth Salute Award Winners going to the 2015 Town Meeting on Tomorrow in St. Louis:  from Phoenix Country Day High School - Jason Greenfield and Cole Dady; from Notre Dame High School - Allison Yeomans; and, from Chaparral High School - Addie Buzas.  The Rotary Clubs extended thank you to the applicants, parents, high school counselors, interviewers, award judges (Tim Baughman, Rotary Club of Scottsdale, Club President; Dr. Nigel Drummond, Airpark Rotary, Club President; Dr. Stephanie Fujii, Dean of Instruction at Scottsdale Community College; and, Dr. Honora A. Norton, Rotary Club of Scottsdale, Board Member), and to Chaparral High School and Scottsdale Community College for hosting the Youth Salute events.
For more information about Rotary Club of Scottsdale's upcoming speakers, projects, programs, and meeting dates/locations - go to  Visitors to club meetings are always welcome - call 480-945-6158.  At noon on April 6, 2015, at the McCormick Scottsdale, Senator John McCain will be the meeting's keynote speaker.
Pictured (LtoR):  Youth Salute Nominated Students: Danielle Mara, Saguaro HS; Cole Dady, Phoenix Country Day HS; Shoshana Dubnow, Chaparral HS; Amal Omar, Saguaro HS; Maxwell Bartlett, Chaparral HS; Stefen Koester, Chaparral HS; Amalia Frohna, Chaparral HS; Jason Greenfield, Phoenix Country Day HS; Michael Brinkman, Chaparral HS; Addie Buzas, Chaparral HS;  Allison Yeomans, Notre Dame HS; and, Sydney Bettis, Notre Dame HS.
Pictured (LtoR):  Youth Salute Awardees:  Tim Baughman, President - Rotary Club of Scottsdale; Addie Buzas, Chaparral HS; Cole Dady, Phoenix Country Day HS; Jason Greenfield, Phoenix Country Day; Allison Yeomans, Notre Dame HS; Dr. Nigel Drummond, President - Airpark Rotary; Mary Blank and Mike Savastio, Youth Salute Project Co-chairs - Rotary Club of Scottsdale
Pictured (LtoR): Addie Buzas, Chaparral HS; Cole Dady, Phoenix Country Day HS; Jason Greenfield, Phoenix Country Day; Allison Yeomans, Notre Dame HS